Frosty Mill



Price Range : Under $10 ($)

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Adress: 605 Ash St, Susanville, CA 96130

Phone: (530) 257-5894

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  • Quentin Hunt

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 18 November 2020

    I've lived here 9 years. You'd think they would uphold a standard of morality and grilling here but it's not worth the money anymore. I'll cook at home instead. The owner should stop hiring teenage girls for his fantasies and should prioritize maintaining a decent work force. Most of the 5-star reviewers are likely long-time residents here that enjoy the nostalgia factor or have known someone that's worked here.

  • Kim Price

    star star star star star 13 November 2020

    The burgers and shakes are sooo good. The best old hamburger stand! I tried the taco and would definitely order it again. A little skimpy on the fries though.

  • Anita Lee

    star star star star star 1 November 2020

    They have finally hired someone who knows what they are doing and has good customer service. I saw a lady working who seemed to be able to run that place all on her own. This is something they have never seemed to have. Maybe this place will get better now.

  • Marian Tweddell-Wirthlin

    star star star_border star_border star_border 1 November 2020

    Not sure what has happened to our frosty mill. They used to be the place to go but the last two times the place has been dirty and the food has been terrible. The kids working there care more about what is on their phone than the food they are serving. Disappointed for sure..... wont be going back till new employees. Kurt please take your business back.

  • Kat Hunt

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 31 October 2020

    I used to love Frosty Mill. Until about 2 weeks ago. After my youngest son's Dr. appt.'s I always take him to Frosty Mill for an ice cream afterwards. I sent my boy in for his usual ice cream cone and my card was declined. (Apparently there were some unauthorized charges to my account and they froze my funds, all unbeknownst to me at that time.) The grrl behind the counter notified my son that my card was declined. She took back the cone, and tossed it in the garbage. Home town proud. I took my boy to Burger King where I again tried my card as I figured something must be wrong with Frosty Mill's machine. No dice. The big time corporation gave my son the ice cream however, told me to have a beautiful day, and wished me well in figuring out my banking. I went home, figured it all out with my bank, and returned to BK with payment within an hour. Expressing to the very nice girl how her kindness made all the difference in the world to us. I can't say the same for Frosty Mill. For Shame. A huge price drop, thorough cleaning by professional company, change of staff with proper customer service training and fresh ingredients would definitely help this place!!

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